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4 Milestones Of Turning 16

Oh, these sweet sixteen! In the life of almost every teenager the sixteenth birthday is a long-awaited event. And why it would be any other way – there are so many big things happening in their lives once they blow the candles. It is a fine age right on the edge of childhood and maturity. Here are 4 lifetime milestones reached at 16.

If you live in Australia or America, you can sign up in a cheap driving school when you are 15 years and 9 months, so by the time you turn 16, you may be holding your first full driving license in your hand. It has been argued many times whether children should be allowed to drive at such a young age; however, one of the strongest arguments in support of the law is that giving them the right to drive and be somehow independent from their parents, teenagers learn how to be more responsible for their actions. So driving school play an important role for teenagers helping them learn how to drive.

The First Grown Up Party
In some places around the world, like USA and Australia, the sixteenth birthday is wildly celebrated and in many cases is even bigger than the 18th birthday. Usually, teenagers throw huge house parties with a lot of friends, loud music and no parents… or little parental supervision. Girls and boys from wealthier families invite artists or music groups to play live on their parties. Oh, and the alcohol is not missing, although it is still illegal to drink at 16, click here if you are looking for a trusted driving lessons in Marrickville.

The Prom
Junior prom is one of the most remarkable events in many high-school kids. It is probably the first chance to feel like a prince or a princess without the childish fairy-tale feel of it. Girls go crazy on ball gowns and cocktail dresses, blinky accessories and very high heels (even though they all end up barefoot at the end of the night, because the dancing was too much). Boys make their first attempts at classy gentlemen wear and try to impress their prom dates with their uncle’s expensive car. It is a fantastic preparation for the senior prom at year 12 at high school, when all the vanity madness is magnified.

More and more countries around the world, including Brazil, Scotland and Germany allow youngsters at to vote at the age of 16. Again, this has been a very controversial topic, especially recently in the UK, because many believe that teenagers are too immature to be soundly politically orientated and take important decisions for the governance of a whole country. Others argue that young people are the future of any society and they have fresh and sharp mind, therefore they should be allowed to have a say who is going to be taking care of their future in the motherland.