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Monthly Archive: November 2016

Sos And Other Emergency Notification Systems

Even since SOS was used in Morse code as a distress signal, other emergency call systems to notify people and authorities of distress and of an emergency have evolved over time. From picking up the receiver of the phone to tell an operator you need help to now specific numbers in specific countries directing you to emergency services to emergency systems within hospices and nursing homes, emergency call systems have evolved and continue to evolve.

There are several types of emergency call systems that can be installed in homes that are converted into hospices. They can be the same, if not similar ones that are installed in nursing homes. There are also emergency call systems that people can wear or keep on their persons when they live in a hospice or nursing home for easy access and for peace of mind.

There are some personal emergency call and medical alarm systems that people can wear around their neck as a pendant which has a button on it. All they would have to do in an emergency is to press the button and either a nurse or emergency services can be called. These pendants can also be complemented with an alarm unit which calls emergency services who can easily hear you through a speaker phone. Visit this page if you are looking for medical assessment service.

There are also call systems especially to contact and talk to nurses. Nurse calling systems can vary from systems that can alert the nurse to an emergency or needs for patient within a nursing home or a hospice, such as a bell or light or paging system. To a calling system which has a base or system connected to the home telephone where all that people would have to do is either press a button or dial a number that would put them through to a nurse that is on call 24/7. These nurses can answer any questions they have on their illness or condition, medications and the care they should provide for themselves. They can also answer questions for carers about the care they should provide to their patients or loved ones, how to organised medications, any questions that have on their patients or loved ones’ illness or condition as well as how to use a medical emergency phone system/s that have been installed in their home and what to do when an emergency arises.

Some medical assessment Brisbane also provide a complete package—pendants for each access, a base or system connected to the home telephone and connection to emergency services and/or hotlines. Some provide extras such as sensors in the home or on the body or in the pendant to be able to detect if a fall or accident has occurred.

What kind of emergency call system or notification system a person chooses depends on their needs and budgets, or the budget of their carers. They should shop around to find out what is best for them before deciding which one to go with.