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Monthly Archive: February 2016

3 Factors To Focus On When Resuscitating A Baby

You might be concerned about how you can resuscitate your child during an emergency. There are several ways as to how you can go about this task. You will have to make sure to check on your baby at all times and keep the area sanitized and clean too. Here are some important factors for you to consider:

Check if the child responds
You must always check on how responsive your baby is. If your child is rolling over and not responding to your words then you must stimulate the baby’s feet lightly and ask questions loud as possible again. You must never try to shake a baby as this can only serve to worsen the problem at hand too. If the child responds then you must leave them the way they are and get help from a trusted physician or medic who has taken patient transport officer course before too, browse for more info!

Check on the breathing
You must carefully check for 10 seconds to determine if the child is breathing or not. If he or she inhaling and exhaling as they normally do then you must try to turn the baby to the side so that you can keep checking on the breathing levels. If you feel that the breathing is not regular enough you must then remove the obstruction to the mouth area and give a few more breaths if there is a gag response then if the baby is under a year old then you must keep the head in a comfortable position and lift the chin area upwards. You must take a breath and breathe into the mouth and nose this will prevent any air from escaping. Always tilt the head and watch for the chest to rise and fall!

Look for any obstructions
If you feel that your child does not have the right breathing pace and the airway is blocked then you must try your best to see if there is any visible obstruction. You can try poking your fingers into the mouth area or lifting the head and chin too. If you feel that the baby might have swallowed something you must call the ambulance service quickly. You must not push down on the stomach or breast area which can only make the problem worse than it is too! If you do not have any training in first aid certificate Melbourne consider studying for a diploma soon. Remember to constantly check up on your baby if you feel that reviving him or her won’t work. You must call a doctor quickly and make sure to get some expert help on the problem at hand too!